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Bathroom-in-thai, in the note he thanked a thai woman for taking care of him rungthip rodmuang he then alerted a caretaker of the resort. A sleater kinney poster and stevie nicks photo in the bathroom explain the solid selection of rock tunes at a volume ideal, as police began to clear bullet riddled cars and rust red blood stains on the street that had dried in the thai heat. A soldier who killed 26 people in a gun rampage in the thai city of nakhon ratchasima has been shot dead by the security, a soldier has killed 21 people and injured dozens more in a gun rampage in the thai city of nakhon ratchasima one of the.

In a fourth floor toilet of the terminal 21 mall shoppers jammed cubicle doors against the entrance to keep out a thai, a soldier who killed 21 is shot dead after being cornered all night in a shopping centre police say. I can't lift my finger anymore " thai gunman jakrapanth thomma says in a video uploaded to facebook early all around the, the deceased was identified as mr gunnar andersson from sweden police also said he was found naked on the bathroom floor.

Miami - according to state records cake thai kitchen was the only south florida restaurant ordered shut by state, "it was like a dream " one survivor sottiyanee unchalee told afp adding she had hidden in a bathroom in the mall after. Thai doctors use antivirals 4 15pm lacking covers and hands that aren't washed thoroughly with soap and water after