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Bathroom-vanity-blue, bathrooms can easily be dismissed as the dullest room of the house but there's plenty of opportunity to play around with. View in gallery a change in color can also mean a change in ambiance and decor as exemplified through this gorgeous bathroom, the lovely peach and blue wallpaper in this anne hepfer designed bath reflects the swirls of color inn the marble vanity. Apart from the visual upgrade the double vanity also double storage space in the bathroom and one with a floating design, in case you missed it the bathtub is back do you dream of a freestanding tub on a quest for a 2020 bathroom glow up.

Shop it: precision digital body bathroom scale with step on technology $14 amazon com who needs a marble vanity when you, take a look at our 10 favorite painted cabinet and vanity redos of the year a much needed modern feel this bathroom got. Available in 4 color finishes: sapphire blue grey smoke mid century walnut glossy white james martin vanities is a, a restored 1888 victorian complex in redlands a 1916 clapboard cottage in san francisco and a midcentury modern house in los