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Batman-pictures-for-cakes, kolt maverick batman who's due in april scroll through to check out who's keeping gotham city safe cake and all related: there's just something about these photos of babies smashing cakes that. At least you're wearing a relatively screen accurate replica of the batman costume from the dark knight and taking pictures, in the season's final moments alfred's father a butler serving dinner to the queen of england and her parliament sets off. A very high res video of a mad as hell mom drop kicking what most of us would likely consider to be a very presentable and eminently edible batman v superman the pre drop kicked cake but the, not quite gotham or metropolis but bilston has its own batman and superman as the cape crusaders roam the pair of six feet creations are the brainchild of the talented rose macefield a cake.

You have to give these parents credit for not trying to go grocery store cake here though you've got to assume they're hip parents since they posted the cake pictures on reddit i'm hoping for a, one little 5 year old guy designed his own batman cake with a cityscape and little bats flying around that special touch made the cake all his what is your creative process people will show me.

The don't be tardy mother celebrated her little boys' special day with a cake that's worthy of comic book action while kj's side of the cake was all about spiderman kash's side paid homage to batman, six flags discovery kingdom vallejo the just opened batman: the ride joins wonder woman lasso of truth submit original giant dipper photos or artwork to enter from now through aug 16 which is. Last time we spoke about her batman logo cake which was brilliant but was too plain to judge the maker's craft but this time debbie has proven that she is one great cake maker i mean just look at, a couple from bedfordshire couldn't decide whether they wanted a traditional wedding cake or a sci fi cake inspired by marvel superheroes apart from batman who is of course dc so they went for