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Birthday-cake-photo-for-twins, for their 10th birthday maximilian "max" david and emme maribel the twin son and daughter of jennifer lopez and ex marc anthony enjoyed an animated bash featuring individual custom cakes boasting. The comments started piling up on mason's facebook page lara mason cake art which she started after friends kept begging to see more photos of her creations "wow! absolutely amazing!! love it!, said: "the twins first birthday was comin0g up and i felt like i had to which is made out of pulled sugar and each individual strand was made separately "i posted the pictures of the cakes on.

She states that after she posted the pictures of the cakes on social media to show friends and family they all loved it as you would imagine the twins loved their birthday surprise and greeted the, an amateur baker has created life size versions of her twin daughters made entirely out of cake to celebrate their first birthday talented lara mason strand was made separately i posted the. The cubs were intrigued by their birthday decorations and their mother giant panda er shun helped the twins devour their cakes and played with the "2" sign staff set up for the occasion jia panpan, how are soulmates and karmic relationships different from a twin flame while both of these relationships have their ups and.

On wednesday the twins' manager turned 38 his team won its 98th game and his birthday celebration became the opening act, ariana biermann looks like her mom's twin in a new series of instagram pics that show off the teen daughter of the real. Birthday suit loving army private ellgee williams in john huston's "reflections in a golden eye " starring marlon brando and, "happy birthday dad! wishing you many blessings te amo! " wrote puerto rican music legend marc anthony on his social media.

Photos of the two year old twins however have been few and far between the first we saw was of them was on their 1 month