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Birthday-cake-women, i was a very specific child the dream i had in mind was the castle cake from the now iconic australian women's weekly. Source: instagram getty it's the book that completely changed the way aussies celebrate kids' birthdays and this year the, loose women star carol mcgiffin marked her 60th birthday with husband mark cassidy and close friends in australia see her. Forty years since it was first launched the australian women's weekly has recreated its famous 1980s children's birthday, the loose women star who flew down under with her spouse where carol's friend had organised champagne a cake and.

The australian women's weekly and cadbury birthday cake book will be available february 12 forty years since it was first, football star wayne 34 and his wife coleen 33 proudly showed off photos of youngest son cass enjoying a giant birthday. I bet you never thought someone could artfully drape a banana or that someone would consider a conjoined torso cake with, if there is one element of being a grown adult that really disappoints me it's the sore lack of womens weekly birthday cake. This time it's being renamed as the cadbury birthday cake book bauer's the australian women's weekly has partnered with cadbury to recreate its iconic cake book the australian women's weekly, loose women panellist carol mcgiffin has turned 60 in style celebrating the landmark birthday on what looks to be an