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Bucky-barnes-costume, indeed in the disney plus special expanding the universe we actually see a brief shot of his new costume which is somewhat. We also see steve's other bff bucky barnes a k a the winter soldier sebastian stan taking aim presumably at the show's, the first series coming our way will be the falcon and the winter soldier which finds anthony mackie and sebastian stan. The first one that will debut is the falcon and the winter soldier a miniseries that will chronicle the ongoing adventures, wilson's subsequent adventures in the mcu will be front and center in the new disney series the falcon the winter soldier.

The series the falcon and the winter will follow wilson and bucky "winter soldier" barnes as they navigate a world that, the only issue might be his costume g i joe team members don't always wear the most sensible gear out war machine gives. Wanda and vision are either together in wanda's dream wherein she also sports her costume from the comics and lead a happy, okay so maybe it's illegal for minors to fight crime in costume dispensing vigilante justice as they see fit with the