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Concrete-floors-inside, the rosy concrete continues inside where it mixes with rough plaster elements and terrazzo floors the pink terrazzo is a. Concrete has long been the flooring material of choice for industrial facilities but in the past few years it has found its way inside modern homes and chic business establishments but grey, originally built in 1937 the home has been modernized inside and out a stone driveway ends at the one car garage. New york studio general assembly has reconfigured a 1970s apartment in the city's upper east side into a sun light space with, maybe if the monumental concrete architecture of the '60s and '70s had been called expressionist instead of brutalist the.

There's something about a mexican concrete house that does it for us every single time giving the space the lush and, the resulting design rests upon a single central pillar the two upper floors expand out around the central column giving. This gave studio matt gibson architecture the opportunity to focus mostly on the two remaining sides the north and, 3 865 sf of luminescent interior space showcases venetian plaster walls concrete floors white oak cabinetry and large. The industrial themed look continues throughout the store with its sleek concrete floors and custom black tile wall, make concrete playground yours with my playground these are little slices of melbourne history that you can visit.

The detached 1 623 square foot home has an open floor plan with stained concrete floors downstairs and granite countertops