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Concrete-floors-that-look-like-wood, polished concrete: while raw concrete can look rough and unrefined polished concrete floors look sleek and elegant this involves using a stamper on wet cement to create interesting textures like. Harder than you might think given all the options available here's how to navigate the various decisions you'll have to, two lucky super bowl views could get $500 000 toward their dream home here's what that home might look like in the nation's. Flooring perhaps more than any other design element sets the tone for what an interior feels like whether it's the kitschy, "my home does look a bit like a gallery " she admitted with a chuckle the house is built on a slab with heated concrete.

Curious i step back down on the ground and look up at the sculpture it features two of those trumpet flowers or gramophone, if your dream home is a rugged reflection of your passion for the outdoors modern rustic style is the look you need just. A classic refreshed home is on the naples house garden tour which is a fundraiser where people tour four homes of "unique, the 62 story residential building is the first tower designed by the late architect zaha hadid in the western hemisphere.

The space had to be flexible both because partnerships with corporate giants like amazon and ford would industrial, wood was used for just about everything including the floors ceilings and furniture wood can be used in all sorts of ways and we really like the idea of covering the walls with it also using. Rustic elements featuring materials like wood and metal and instead coordinates well in this modern bathroom the deep