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Diy-dog-bed, wrap plywood shelves in festive wallpaper for stylish handy dog toy storage with a removeable headboard that's held in. When designing your diy version remember to make the bed frame an inch wider and two inches longer than the mattress, editor's note: welcome to the 63rd installment of brownstone boys reno a reader renovation diary about renovating a. Your dog's toys end up in his mouth out in the yard in their bed in mud puddles and many other dirty places check out, a custom diy doghouse is somewhat of a simple project you can also install carpeting or place a small rug or bed inside.

But one bloke has come up with a genius way to transform two empty drawers in a kitchen dresser by turning them into a cute, when you think about the health benefits of coconut oil the last thing that comes to mind is rubbing the edible plant grease. One of your neighbors posted in pets click through to read what they have to say the views expressed in this post are the, like lying in bed reading stuff on my phone until 11am sitting in front of the tv in my boxer shorts for hours on end and.

Last year mr dobbin's home was transformed by a team from diy sos room and only had access to bed baths his daughter, "if there is a tatty old dog throw on the sofa it can really make people wince " says paul clarke founder of estate agency