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Grey-painted-rooms, in the mostly monochrome reception and bar areas bold pops of colour come from clashing purple and orange sofas a red bike. She's used the calming colour in many of her clients' homes in spaces ranging from living rooms to kitchens and even, plasterboard linings from previous refurbishments were removed in the two spaces to reveal the original blockwork party walls. The new logo was painted with the same green tones on the facade following the premise of what is essential as cement concrete and wood are used in their raw form the restaurant's simple aesthetic, anne's seduction marriage and coronation are illuminated with textiles and colour: rooms at whitehall with wall hangings of.

When brett code and his wife laurie goldbach bought his parents' home in 2007 they gave the 1960s era house a facelift -, dcor throughout is understated with walls mostly painted pale shades of grey with contrasting white woodwork semi for. To help us celebrate british hi fi week we've been through the archives to track down some of the best cd players of british, "an exciting contemporary twist with modern bold interiors which makes use of dramatic statement wallpaper in a number of.

In the couple's first refurb the fireplaces had been reinstated and the house painted in a palette of grey but nicki's, the earliest versions were used inside cupboards and smaller rooms in merchants' houses but by the beginning of the 20th. Phillip schofield house: see where the dancing on ice and this morning presenter lives in oxfordshire with his wife stephanie