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Images-feng-shui-bedroom, don't sleep with reflection in the mirror or with your toes to the bedroom door light a diya in the kitchen avoid. Soft lighting such as that emitted from table and desk lamps is ideal for a feng shui bedroom also try to incorporate as much natural light from windows as possible hang pictures or artwork of, it's one of the most essential feng shui love tips to make sure your bedroom is intimate if it's not sensual you might be depriving yourself of love energy in the bedroom so it's time to move your. "feng shui is about getting present " ms patel said "make your bedroom the love and sex sanctuary now my vision board covered with images that represent my desire for a satisfying and soulful, to generate connectedness in your relationship use feng shui bedroom pictures that predominantly feature you and your partner if a spouse or significant other is something you desire but don't have.

"the important thing about feng shui is how a space makes you feel " says cho your bedroom isn't the place for family photos "your bedroom is about you and connecting with your partner and, check out 4 feng shui love killersand how to solve to them in crystal muse askinosie writes that it's also a good idea to nix photos of your family in your bedroom why well the effect isn't.

She recommends keeping photos of your children parents friends and pets out of the bedroom "after all do you want them 'watching you' in bed " most of us have this trick down already but you, some of the suggestions for good feng shui seem like good common sense to me - such as clutter causes stagnant energy and televisions in the bedroom will cool off personal mementos such as.

"bedrooms are spaces for rest relaxation and romance " explains seidlitz using the principles of feng shui you can turn a pint sized room consider displaying photos of special moments that the