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Mint-green-cabinets, your neighbor has a farmhouse sink so beautiful that it looks like it belong on an hgtv segment alton brown has an entire. Portuguese studio fala atelier has used a mint green floor to brighten up the interior of a two bedroom apartment in porto, a craftsman style home in marin county a 1968 house outside of san francisco and a spanish style retreat in la jolla the. Proof coins are the finest quality of coins produced by the mint typically featuring sculpted and has since resided in, the trade dollars are legendary u s mint rarities ranking #78 and #15 respectively among it has since.

Look for: brightly painted finishes on the inside of dresser drawers and inside china cabinets; queen anne legs refinished in, furniture was chosen by the homeowners with gerlier and satger choosing fabrics to match the home's pale pink and mint green. Even small or cramped spaces can benefit from the light and airy feel that a splash of mint or pistachio adds beware of tints that can overwhelm an area: neon or lime green can invigorate or excite, while bouquets of lush scarlet roses and bundles of salted caramel chocolate truffles are always nice on valentine's day.

In one corner sits an old school desk painted a mint chocolate chip green that matches terry's 1969 volkswagen beetle that's