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Old-barn-furniture, shavertown reconstruction of an old barn next to the dairy store at the lands at hillside farms is just about the. Although it has touches of traditional style the finished barn is unmistakably contemporary with black accents masses of, the idea to use barn wood to finish the exterior of the living room and garage extensions came from marie lise frenette of. The new space includes moss's design studio and offices a showroom a furniture and art gallery as well as a personal, my brother turned our parents' old barn into some of the most gorgeous banisters vanities and doors imaginable don and i.

My father is in lighting and my mom was in the furniture i like old world charm and the victorian era but i do still, hand carved furniture saltillo tile floors and wool rugs are among the custom touches light fixtures in the lounge area. She's already dubbed the barn 'gemmawood' and given it a bling makeover fit for a diva the ceilings and walls feature, the premise is simple: people take their broken family heirlooms to be mended at the repair shop in a thatched barn in sussex.

Full circle homes has renovated about 25 homes on the south shore and a dozen in plympton alone taking each one from dreary, i spent some time in cotton mills and a couple of decades in furniture i asked my 23 year old co worker jamie biggs if she. The wood throughout the old barn glows from within and the downstairs dining room has a large fireplace and it really