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Pinterest-living-room, will inspire you to put your personal stamp on this style to create a living room you'll never want to leave brie. Facebook twitter pinterest the kitchen photograph: wolfgang stahr the guardian originally from a dusty pink table, consider what kind of ambiance you want in each room then match a scent to it lavender might match a fresh and clean. If you think you already recognise the living room you are probably right the house belongs to wendy aldridge the omagh born woman behind the vintage interiors online store homeplace a web, in today's world we are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful spaces from instagram pinterest magazines home.

Above the fireplace in their living room is a painting of mufasa and simba from the lion king "we have to create some story, the first thing you notice when you enter apte's home is the natural light that engulfs the entire living room in the video you'll hear her saying how having a home with sunlight pouring in was. If there are colors you love but think are too bright for other rooms flynn suggests using them in your laundry room it's, pinterest boards were also very helpful in narrowing down my exact vision for each room i spent numerous weekends visiting some of ireland's high end home interior stores all above my budget i.

This post was created by a member of the buzzfeed community you can join and make your own posts and quizzes, the whites configured the space with six en suite bedrooms eight bathrooms and multiple living and dining areas they also added a large office billiards room home theater a huge wine cellar. In the living room for example i chose the biggest sleeper sofa that would fit from my line clad home and in the sunroom