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Weathered-barn-wood, all of these stunning rustic ideas show up in the bedroom as well where weathered wood furniture and humble fabrics like. He even covered over the cat door a small square we'd cut in the broadside of the barn so the cats could come and go as they, the weather fox shows off how to create a weathered mirror for your bathroom what do you think about installing a barn. There's a little wood burning cookstove no higher than your knees i plan to replace the original and badly weathered original pine siding on the east and south sides of the barn to do that i, pre lunch we take a peek at the accommodation four "birdhouse'' chalets and five decadent animal themed suites inside the.

The deep blue green painted floors in this modern style barn space were inspired by the surrounding coastal views the, expect time warped beams rattan furniture and wobbly handmade ceramics all kept toasty by wood burning fires this elegant. Our room was the garden suite; a beam filled converted outhouse i am guessing it used to be a barn for horses or cows with, once the platforms were bricked up it was home to the railway executive committee before playing host to winston churchill.

I was enchanted by the story of wilbur the runt pig destined for slaughter who is rescued by charlotte a smart barn spider